My Wayne County Action Plan


As your DA I will be committed to fighting the opioid epidemic on all levels. Opioid addition does not discriminate and my fight to stop drug dealing in Wayne County will not either.  I will work with law enforcement, community leaders, the medical community, school districts, businesses and non-profits to rid our community of the over prescription, use, sharing and dealing of additive drugs. Together we can make Wayne County a safer place to raise our families.

My plan for fighting the opioid epidemic includes prevention education for our youth. Almost 80% of heroin users began with the use of prescription drugs. Legal drugs that are found in our friends’, family, and neighbors’ medicine cabinets. We have to early and often teach our kids about the dangers of taking even a single pill and give them the tools to protect themselves and strategies to survive.

My opioid crisis response includes more pathways to treatment and dispelling the stigma against addiction. Treatment for those addicted needs to be readily available and based on proven scientific data and best practices.

My primary objective is to stop all drug dealing in Wayne County.  In order to be successful, time, energy, and teamwork must be put into this fight.  As your DA, I will have compassion for those addicted but will be merciless with drug dealers.  Dealing poison to our children will not be tolerated.


Once elected DA, I will focus on Veterans suffering with addition or mental health issues.

Wayne County has a large population of military personnel who served in our Armed Services. The highest percentage are those who served in Vietnam. As your DA, I will honor our Veterans by focusing and addressing their individual addiction or mental health needs. Early intervention and diversion into treatment could save the lives of many of our Veterans who suffer from PTSD as a result of their service to this country.  Treatment, not jail, will prevent needless job loss, homelessness, family separation and suicide. Our local Veterans deserve our support.

Violent Crime

As drug use and dealing increases in Wayne County, so does the corresponding property and violent crime. As your DA, I have the necessary decades of courtroom experience to investigate and successfully prosecute any such criminals. I practiced criminal law for two decades in a county where plea bargaining or negotiating a case down did not happen. I tried many many cases everyday for years. With that experience, I have perfected my jury trial skills and have encountered almost any issue that can arise during a trial. I am not afraid to present any case to a jury or a judge. I work diligently and tirelessly to prepare and prosecute my cases so that no criminal who deserves jail goes free. My trial success rate is unmatched.

I have a 100% conviction rate in criminal jury trials as a prosecutor.

My Wayne County Pledge

  • Tougher on crime
  • Protect our children
  • Fight the scourge of drugs
  • Support our Veterans
  • Preserve Wayne County values
  • Strong and efficient office management