1. Growing Up

2. Family Values

3. Building a Foundation

4. Called To Serve

5. Protecting Our Home


At this critical time in our County, we must elect a skilled prosecutor who has the most relevant, present-day experience.

Someone who can handle anything that comes our way.

Someone who has been tested and stood strong against forces that threaten decent people and communities. We need strong leadership, unwearying effort and a commitment to our values.

I am Kathy Martin. I have the skills and experience to be your next DA.

Experience Above All Else

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My skills as a prosecutor and trial attorney coupled with my experience running the 5th largest DAs office in the Country is unequaled in this race and has prepared me for the job of keeping your safe.


I am not a politician. Never have been and never will be. I am a prosecutor and the most qualified and experienced candidate to be Wayne County’s top law enforcement officer.

Criminal forces are increasingly challenging our way of life.

With your support we can stand up and fight for Wayne County values and keep our communities safe.

EXPERIENCED former Chief of Staff, General Counsel, Chief Integrity Officer & Acting Philadelphia District Attorney

TIRELESSLY handled thousands of criminal investigations & trials

STRONGLY tried nearly 100 criminal jury trials: Including murder, rape, child abuse, drugs & robbery

UNMATCHED trial success rate - I have a 100% conviction rate in criminal jury trials as a prosecutor

EFFICIENTLY supervised 600 attorneys and staff

EFFECTIVELY designed, implemented, & balanced a $40 million budget

Proud Of My Public Service

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The experience I’ve gained from working in Wayne, Pike and Philadelphia Counties is immeasurable. It has allowed me to learn things I never would have had I stayed in one place my entire career.

Bringing this experience to our DA’s office will make it even stronger and help it run more efficiently.

In an attempt to distract voters away from a debate about qualifications and experience my opponent has engaged in petty politics - Yes, this is an elected position and I stand by my conservative Republican Wayne County values, but the job of keeping people safe should not be politicized. The smart people of Wayne County know what really matters most:

It’s what you know that will keep us safe, not who you know.

For the past 26 years I’ve, expertly handled thousands of complex criminal investigations and trials.

For the last five, I’ve prosecuted those who seek to harm our children and community.

As your Senior Deputy DA, I work vigorously to keep our county safe by prosecuting violent offenders and keeping drug dealers off our streets.

I have the knowledge, experience, and understanding to lead the fight against the opioid epidemic to include; prison for those who sell drugs in our community, treatment for the addicted, and prevention education for all.

My committment to the safety of everyone in Wayne County is proven every day - there is no hidden agenda. While my opponent creates distractions, I back up my words with my actions, and would be honored to continue keeping you safe.

Strong Wayne County Values

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Wayne County is a great place to raise a family. As your current Senior Deputy DA I am on the front line every day working hard to keep our County safe.

But I want to contribute more to the place that has given my family so much. I want to be your next District Attorney.

As a former President of the Wallenpaupack Area Little League, a supporter of youth sports and a volunteer in our schools, I’m committed to the next generation of Wayne County. Our children are our greatest resource.

Born and raised in PA, I live my life with a devotion to the principles of justice and to improving the lives of others. I believe in action above complacency, emphasizing self reliance and respecting those who protect and serve.

"I have also always been a conservative.  I am a conservative person. I am by nature a conservative person. I never looked at putting a label on myself, I was not in politics, but if you look at my general attitudes in life I would certainly have the more conservative label put on me."

That is a quote from President Donald Trump in 2015 when questioned about his past party affiliations and I echo that statement wholeheartedly.

I am proud to be a member of the Wayne County Committee of Republican Women and the Wayne County Republican Party.

I AM a Republican, was born and raised a Republican and my values have never changed. 

My husband and I believe in Wayne County Values and are instilling them in our boys ... A strong work ethic, perseverance and integrity, and always doing the right thing. We’re making our memories here and look forward to someday seeing future generations of our family plant their roots here.

Having worked in different political landscapes has enabled me to help create positive change in peoples lives, and it has changed me ... for the better. It has reinforced my belief in the values I cherish - Wayne County Values, and with your support we can keep these values alive and well.


✔ Our Constitution
✔ 2nd Amendment Rights
✔ The Death Penalty
✔ Local, State & Federal Law Enforcement
✔ Our Veterans
✔ Our First Responders
✔ Land Owner Rights
✔ Victim’s Rights

We Have Too Much To Lose

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Consider the facts. Ask the right questions of the candidates:
Have you ever tried a murder case to a jury? Drug trafficker? Domestic & Violent Criminals? Have you balanced a $40 million dollar budget or managed a staff of 600?

The ability to prove that you can do the job - to point to a track record of success, that is the measuring stick because there is no time for on the job training.

Kathy Martin is the only candidate with the depth of real and relative experience required to keep us safe. This job is not about politics - It’s about qualifications.

Send a clear message to criminals everywhere: Take your business elsewhere.

Electing Kathy Martin DA is a vote for protecting Wayne County values.

Experience often means the difference between a conviction and a criminal walking free.

This is an important job where experience really matters.

In these worrisome times and with so much at stake, you deserve a skilled DA with the most relevant, present day experience who can come right in and hit the ground running.

I am battle tested and will be ready to go from day one. The experience and know-how I’ve gained throughout my career has uniquely qualified me to lead the Wayne County’s DA’s Office and with your support we can make the place we all call home a safer place to live.